Sunday, 28 October 2012

Handmade Monday: Jigging about a bit!

I've been very lucky as it's been really busy in my Folksy shop this week.  Packing all the orders doesn't leave a lot of time for making, though, so this week has been time to list some simple makes.  Inspired by some of the guest designers on JewelleryMaker TV, I got my jig out of the drawer, dusted it off and had a play.  For the non-jewellery makers, a jig is simply a plastic grid that you can put peg in to wind wire around.  It's great fun, plus there are endless puns to be made on the subject of jigging about!

 Jig patterns can get complicated, but I tried to keep it simple.

The pearls were shining a little and refusing to cooperate with the photographing, but you've got to love them all the same!

These are with peachy bamboo agate beads. 

A delivery of new charms is always a cause for excitement in the house - not least for Lucca the labrador who likes nothing better than an empty used padded envelope to rip apart!  When these connectors came, I had to make a bracelet for myself first, then get them in the shops where one sold within a day - well, they are cute.

At the moment, I'm in a huge dilemma as to whether to have a go at Kumihimo braiding.  I've ummed and ahhed about it so long, it's ridiculous.  So next week will either see a blog about braided necklaces and bracelets or something else, and you'll know I've finally made a decision!

Here's the link to see what other crafty folk have been making this week.  As ever, there are already some beautiful makes.

Alison x


  1. The earrings ate really beautiful and your jiggly time sounds like great fun. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Ohh, I love that bracelet! Yes, packing does take up so much time, doesn't it?

  3. Love your jiggery pokery...sorry...but like you said- far too many puns springing to mind!Love the shape of the pearl ones especially.

  4. I can just imagine how excited your dog is, as I have three who would be exactly the same! The earrings are beautiful. I love how the wire is twisted, so elegant.

  5. Your earrings are beautiful, and I love the bracelet.
    Love, Andrea xx

  6. Sounds like you had good fun making these items. They are really nice and unusual.

  7. Love the twisty wire shapes, and the charm looks great too x

  8. gorgeous earrings and that bracelet really is pretty, well done for selling it so quickly!

    our dog is just the same - cardboard boxes are his fav.. i'm lucky to get the contents out before he gets to work ripping it apart! x

  9. I love the twisted wire, so elegant. Have a go at Kumihimo but be earned it is addictive

  10. The earrings are beautiful. Thanks for explaining the use of the jig!

  11. Nice designs....i like it.

  12. Really beautiful work. I always love the way you take photos - they always show your work to its best. (not that that is hard!)


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