Monday, 2 April 2012

Handmade Monday: Dragonfly

Last week we were away visiting family, so I had limited access to my beading stuff - always difficult to decide what to take, knowing that you'll have some time but can't take the whole stash as we'd need two cars for that!  Anyway, I had some wire, some glass beads and some sunshine, and this dragonfly was the result! Hope you like him.

It was a bit of a strange holiday.  Normally we spend a lot of time with the dog charging round the beach, chasing balls in and out of the waves and playing football with my OH.  The week before we went away, Lucca had a limp and went to the vets, and to our horror was diagnosed as having arthritis.  At 3 and a half years old, that was not good news.  So restricted walks on the lead on the beach, and the poor boy looking at us so confused.  Despite the limp, he still wants to do everything he always did.  Today he's at the vets for x-rays, so more worry and a house that feels so quiet and empty.  But at least we should know more this evening.

Much better news - a jewellery magazine in the US is going to feature my wire flower necklace in September!  This will be the first time Blue Forest Jewellery has been in print.   How exciting is that!  It's a long time to wait, but they need it sent in the next couple of weeks, so that's something else to distract me today, which is what I need.

Here's the link to see what other crafty folk have been making this week.


  1. You have my sympathies - our 5 yo Giant Schnauzer has just been diagnosed with arthritis and had cortisone injections to help. He can now run free and moves a lot better. Vet also suggested some weight loss (even though he's not overweight). Lots of love.
    PS: The dragonfly is stunning.

  2. I absolutely ADORE that dragonfly - just gorgeous!

    Well done on the magazine feature! Great news - hope it brings a lot of interest your way x

  3. Hope all goes well for Lucca. Good news on you going into print - fame has reached you at last. Love the dragonfly - really stunning.

  4. Well done on your press release, so sorry about your dawgie they just do not understand that they have to slow down.

  5. I love the dragonfly!
    And I hope that your dog is better soon and able to enjoy his walks again. Hopefully it will settle down a bit for him, poor thing!

  6. congratulations on getting your jewellery published! I really hope that your dog gets better soon. I love the dragonfly, the glass beads are so colourful and the wire works beautiful! I never know what bits of my stash to take when I go away, such a dilemma!!

  7. the dragonfly is so pretty! Hope your dog gets better soon, I know how distressing it can be.

  8. It's difficult to know what to take with you when you go away but you certainly made the right choice, the dragonfly is lovely. Congratulations on your 'being in print', be sure to keep us posted. :o)

    Jan x


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