Monday, 6 February 2012

Handmade Monday: Brooches and pins

Inspired by some beautiful shawl/scarf/fibula brooches/pins this week, I've been having a go myself.  Mine are pretty amateur by comparison with some that I've collected here on Pinterest.  I wonder why there are so many different names for them?

Blue moonstone and crystal

Amethyst and purple jades
The trouble with being inspired by others is that you start to worry about whether you are unconsciously copying ideas.  At least, I do, as I'm a champion worrier!  So I've stopped looking now and am waiting for a bit more inspiration to come.

Coffee agate beads
These brooches are made with 1.2 mm wire (18 gauge) which is thicker than I've worked with before.  Like everything, I'd avoided using the lower gauges and then once I was working it, couldn't see why I'd done so, as provided I was quite firm with it and ensured it was warmed in my fingers first, it was quite pliant. It was snowing heavily outside, so quite cool.  The sort of weather when any self respecting Roman lady needs a glamorous fibula to fasten her cloak with....

Red creek jasper beads
I also need to file down the ends to a point that will go through knitwear but not be sharp enough to kill anyone.  That's a judgement call, so I'll need a bit of practice before any go in the shops!  What with that and the needle felting/stabbing stuff, I seem to be edging towards the more 'extreme' end of crafting.  Honestly, I would love a blow torch, but for someone without the necessary hand/eye coordination to pass a driving test, it is just too risky.

Here's the link to see what other crafty folk have been making this week.


  1. I know what you mean about influence and admiration etc, there have been lots of discussion about this very subject on the Folksy forum and on The Craft Forum. I believe there is a big difference between doing something 'similar' and a blatant copy. Keep putting a little bit of yourself in each piece and you won't go far wrong. As for all the different names I just call them decorated kilt pins. My favourite are the last two. (the coffee and the Red Creek)

    Jan x

  2. The purple one is stunning and well done for the others, hard work this inspiration bit a bit like the London buses it turns up all at once, so keep at it

  3. These are fabulous!
    MAYBE I should copy, hehe :)
    My favorite one is your last one you designed, the one with the chain, very creative, my dear!

  4. The red creek jasper one is so lovely - such gorgeous colours. I know what you mean about the blow-torch - I am the sort of person that would get distracted, turn around and set fire to everything near to me. Hope you have a good week.

  5. I love the bottom two, the colours go so well together. I also really like the middle bit on the one on the left. lovely work!x

  6. They are lovely. Nobody in their right mind would let me near a blow torch either!

  7. The middle one with the squiggly middle is my favourite. I would probably catch my hair on fire with a blow torch!

  8. These are love Blue Forest - the red creek jasper one at the bottom I really like. Mich :)

  9. These are brilliant, I especially love the purple one. x

  10. I laugh at your blowtorch comment, you sound like me. I hurt myself all the time (cooking too--I won't mention my recent cheese grating injury, suffice it to say it is only just healed!) I adore those brooches, especially the one with the coffee agate beads. Delicious!

  11. Absolutely love the purple one (they are all nice but that is my favourite!). Gorgeous work.

    Ali x


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