Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wordless Wednesday: The joy of weeds and wild flowers

I know the gardeners won't be pleased with me celebrating weeds and wild flowers, 
but the colours here are beautiful!


  1. I heard Alan Titchmarsh saying that we shouldn't call weeds weeds anymore - they are all wild flowers. Makes sense I suppoese...!!
    Jo. x

  2. You beat me to it Jo. Alan says weeds are just flowers in the wrong place - and totally agree with him. Some of my weeds stay cause they are pretty

  3. Absolutely true, I have lots of stuff in my garden that I didn't plant. I get gorgeous pink and white foxgloves every year, as well as purple loosestrife, in different places every year as it just seeds itself. I just pull up stuff that doesn't fit in or will choke other plants - like dandelions and buttercups. They are fine on roadsides,just not in my tiny garden!


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