Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Spam getting so silly

Is it me, or are hoax emails getting very silly these days? I'm sure that people trying to get your personal and bank account details used to be much more sophisticated in their methods. Or perhaps it's just the folk spamming me who don't put a lot of effort in! Someone's told them I can be daft sometimes and they've really taken that message to heart. Well, I may be a little crazy most of the time, but not gullible enough to fall for most of these scams.

So just for the record, scammers please note the following.

I have no bank accounts in any other country, so I'm not going to respond to anything in French, German or any other language warning me that my account is about to be closed unless I reactivate it by clicking the link.
Nor am I interested in posing as a beneficiary of anyone I don't know who has died without making a will or leaving any family. You may well be right, for all I know, in stating that this is legal in the Netherlands, but I'm pretty sure it counts as fraud in the UK and prison food holds no attraction for me.

Being a lifelong liberal, the prospect of helping the Gadaffi family protect their assets in the UK, even for the substantial portion of the spoils that was offered, is just offensive to me. Similarly, the problems the super-rich encounter moving money around the world leave me cold and I'd rather help them pay more tax than launder their assets, thanks.

And finally, I know the world is becoming more informal all the time - heck, I spend as much time on Facebook as the next crafty woman - but if you're asking for my bank account details but only tell me your first name, then, call me old-fashioned, but I'm going to be quite suspicious right from the start. And if you really are the CEO of a major international bank, you should really get someone to run your emails through a spell check before they are sent. There is no 'j' in 'urgently'.

Do keep sending the messages, though. Some of them are really quite funny. I like a good LOL!


  1. LOL, shame we cant send those out by return mail for every one.

    Lynda x

  2. Yes, the spam emails get dafter all the time!

  3. I get some good'uns too. Dating ones like- looking for hot 60+s!! I do sometimes feel like sending back sarcastic relpies but that would open a huge new can of worms

  4. oh your blog did make me smile.My sons have warned me,on no account to open any of those e.mails,but the lengths they go to ,to get our attention,is ridiculous.
    jean x

  5. My favourite one so far was last week from the FBI, they wanted me to answer their questions :D

    This week it is the parcel from UPS scam, with buisness and some other lame typo.

    The week before that it was one ones saying I had placed and order for several hundred dollars from a real jewellery site, and music site - I feel sorry for them mostly, as it could damage their business :(

    Still the FBI one was the funniest


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