Friday, 4 February 2011

Sport - yes, sport!

So, it's the rugby season again.  Hubbie is watching Wales playing, I am passively listening to the commentary.  Occasionally, if it sounds like a really good match, I go over and watch.  Mostly, making jewellery and being on the PC are more interesting!!

So, this reminds me to give a shout out for my friend and neighbour's football blog. Rishi has been busy blogging about the end of the transfer season.  Check it out:
Us bloggers need to stick together!


  1. Love sport to, and England have just won their first match!!!! xx

  2. Ah, another rugby watcher eh? See my blog about tonights match at Cardiff - lol. Suffice to say, Hubby is not amused - guess who we're supporting....
    Jo. x

  3. Sorry girls - football, rugby, tennis, cricket - one massive YAWN. Hubby similiar dislike of sport - he is watching James Bond film - another massive YAWN.....


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