Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow exciting!

This snow can be a bit blue!

OK, so I'm a child again when it snows - I just love it!  And I know it's an inconvenience to lots of folks, and I really wish it wasn't, but it is so beautiful. 

Not snow, a heavy frost!

Here are some picks from our recent frosts and snows, with Lucca as usual modelling a little in most of the shots.  It's hard to get a good photo of him in the snow, because he gets more excited than I do, and eats it (I don't go that far!), hence the snowy nose :-)

Very cold, but at least it keeps the golfers away

Look how handsome I look in the frost!


  1. I love the snow, too! Thanks for sharing these pics. Your dog is beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous Lucca, I love the snow too even if my car gets stuck for weeks at a time - it's not like its for months on end - just get some boots on and get on with it. My husband does not get paid if he does not work, so people cannot say to me oh, but we can't get to work blah blah. There will always be some who moan at everything - snow, rain, too hot and so on.


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