Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Handmade and the high street: get ready for the party season

Today, I'm launching a new fashion feature on the blog. It's to highlight how well handmade and the high street (in this case, the virtual high street) sit together.

 I've chosen to start with my new
'gothic revival' necklace and earrings.  I think they are real party or occassion pieces, and a bit different to my usual creations, so I've picked some stunning fashion pieces from major retailers to feature alongside.

Both the necklace and the earrings using deep red Czech glass diamond shaped beads and smokey grey bicone crystals.  The necklace also has dark grey hematite semi precious cubes and teardrop crystals.  I think the necklace has a bit of a Gothic look to it, and also reminds me of the sort of style popular in Edwardian times.

Maybe one of you is looking for a real statement outfit for the Christmas celebrations - you couldn't do better than to keep up with the season's trends.  Grey (or gray, if you prefer!) is the new black, and a splash of red just adds to the mix nicely.  Of course, grey is nearly silver, so that's perfect to go with this jewellery set, available in both Folksy and Etsy shops this week.

This satin crepe evening dress in grey from John Lewis has just the right dramatic cowl neckline to support a statement necklace like Gothic Revivial.

john lewis emily dressMonsoon evening sandalsDebenhams bag

You'll need some 'knock-their-socks-off shoes' too. These pewter sandals from Monsoon are just right. Maybe if it's snowing, you take them in a bag to change into!

And taking a purse, mobile and keys is no problem with this stunning ruffle bag from Ben de Lisi at Debenhams. How red is that?

Put them all together and you have a real statement outfit!

Let me know what you think of this feature, won't you?

Many thanks to John Lewis, Monsoon and Debenhams for granting permission to use their images in this post.


  1. Fabulous!
    Great looking outfit, and such a good idea - handmade *should* sit alongside the high street in perfect comfort.

    And oh how much do I love that bag?! :)

  2. What a terrifically stunning necklace and a fantastic idea for a blog post.

    I also love that bag and only wish I had the figure to wear the dress.

  3. Stunning necklace and fantastic idea!!

  4. fabulous idea - your jewellery would make this outfit VERY special

  5. Great piece of jewelry. Its looks simple and elegant.
    St Louis Jewelry Stores

  6. Beautiful necklace and earrings! I like that you have used a mix of handmade and high street! Fab blog post!

  7. I love when I shop online and they suggest ideas for shoes, and matching jewellery etc! I quite often succumb to an impulse buy that I wasn't going to get just because they suggested it went well together :)
    So well done on a great post and for the research and effort gone into making it! I hope you sell those fab ear-rings and necklace too!

    Great job!
    Hugs Judy xx

  8. Beautiful necklace and well done for such a good blog in putting all those ideas together - not only a promotion queen, but personal shopper too - is there no end to your talents.


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