Saturday, 12 December 2009

Meet the Lonely Jewelers on Etsy 2: Kristy Jewelry

Take a look at these lovely items of jewelry. They are from this week’s featured seller, Kristy Jewelry.

What about this bracelet! Such a delicate rose and baby pink it’s a real classic piece. Perhaps a gift for a bride or bridesmaid? Or just for a special night out. At 15mm and 8mm, these pearls are big enough to make a real statement!

I love the colours on these peacock earrings, beautifully accented with the tiny faceted crystals. At 4.5 inches long, they are really dramatic. You probably wouldn’t need any other jewelry – although, if you’re a real jewelry fan, you probably never leave the house without a full set of bling on, right?

Kristy, from Springfield, Illinois, has been making beautiful pieces like these since her stepmom introduced her to crafting with some tiny beads and fishing string. Now she’s started selling online, after being asked "where did you get that" or "can you make me this" and is eagerly awaiting her first Etsy sale.

Browsing the shop, you can see how Kristy is inspired by changing fashions and seasons. No surprise then that one of her favourite pieces is one she made to wear with a Halloween costume. She says “I actually bought some cheap beads thinking I probably wouldn’t wear it again, but I love it.”

My favourite item is this button and bead bid necklace:

It’s got a real retro feel, and orange is such a key colour this season.
So visit the shop and have a browse around. Kristy says that she wants other to know that she “loves what I make and I never intended to ever sell it - it just started happening and I just want people to love my stuff as much as I do.” When you’ve had a look around, I think you’ll love it too.

Don’t forget to visit Kristy on Facebook and MySpace too:


  1. wao you have really such a cute collection of jewelry i like it

    Vintage Jewelry

  2. Lovely feature and the jewelry pieces selected are gorgeous:)


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